Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goal: Baby got skills

In a hurried effort to clear out garage to get my newly painted car protected from the ailments. Hubby, kids, and I spent the day in the garage. Using the circular saw and sawhorses borrowed from my mother, we cut up strips of plywood and hubby nailed them to the support beams in the attic. There was only enough daylight and strength left in us to do one side of planned storage space. Maybe the next weekend for the other half?

My job was to organize the storage items while hubby shoved them up the attic ladder. I am so thankful we did not attempt this project in the summer. It was hot enough up there.

It feels so great to knock an item off the list, well it's half-off the list. What did you accomplish this weekend?


  1. Saw Madea with a packed house of people. It was funny, and insightful. Washed mucho loads of clothes, it's just me, yet it looked like i was doing laundry for a family of four. Next weekend, going to Salvation Army for real.

  2. girl I am happy for you that you have your good man to help you out with things! it's always a good feeling to get rid of something that we truly needed to get rid and get it done over with.....
    I must say I have alot I need to my main goal is to start taking my driving lesson and get my license my my birthday (april) wish me luck on that one lol...then once i'm finished with that I will let you know about the rest lol....
    but good luck on your nest items on your list-hope you knock it off too :)

  3. How's it going Sista GP. Seems to me you got yourself the right kind of man.

    It's good to hear sisters who are happy with the man in their life instead of the normal jibber jabber about being done wrong.


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