Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goal: slower than expected

Getting through these goals is moving slower than I thought. By the end of January I wanted to at least clear the garage and the office.

The desk for my niece is half-primed. After the first coat, the weather turned sour. This weekend would have been perfect weather-wise, but I wasn't feeling well yesterday and today I cleaned out my car and dropped it off to be painted. Expect to have it back in three to four weeks. If you are new to my other blog, my car was initially damaged on Mother's Day last year and then two days before Thanksgiving I hit a deer having minor damage to front bumper.

My goal to get fit is going in the opposite direction. Every since my surgery, I have been gaining weight. Not Good. Found my glycemic food guide book today. It should help me make better choices for my meals. Also took a walk around the neighborhood with the kits today. I plan to do walk everyday as weather permits. I know lack of sleep is a major contributor. I should be able to get more since hubby starts night shift tomorrow night. No more clock alarm sounding at 3:30 am.

At least I was able to get one curtain rod up in the Guest room and put up the blackout panels. Because of their size, I had to put all four on the bottom rod. Concerned about privacy for my niece, along with them I also put some curtains I had planned for another room. They are too heavy for the rod, so I have to change it soon. Niece has said the room is warmer, so it should also help reduce heating costs.

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