Sunday, February 8, 2009

Goal: a sense of accomplishment

A goal that was not directly documented was to paint this desk to put in my niece's bedroom in order to get my office back.

I had purchased the desk from the Salvation Army Thrift Store years ago while living at my mom's house. It was brown and unappealing but the correct size and had the hutch. When we moved, I left the desk at mom's since we already several desks (4) in storage. We donated two of them since there was no place for them at our new house.

My niece received a computer from a tutoring program, so then we needed a desk that would fit in her room. Hence the old brown desk mom had stored in her workshop.

Started in the previous bout of warm weather, I had put on one coat of primer. This morning I put on the second coat and two coats of Antique White paint. It came out better than I expected. As you can see, we brought i in after it sat for several hours in the gorgeous sun we had today. I haven't checked the weather, but felt at least mid 70's.

Now I have my office desk back, but there are more than plenty of boxes to clear.

Finally, something to cross off the list.

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  1. This post makes me want to scrap my work day and go thrift store shopping. Very nice desk!


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