Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Signs, pics and ads...fun time

How much smaller was the previous 10 pounder?

So why was the appointment moved to 12:30?

Pic a little fuzzy but if I found a handgun at a recycling center, I would think someone wanted it to disappear.

Again fuzzy, "FREE BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES Mother is a full-blooded golden retriever known to be giving herself to the likes of other dogs around town. Now she has found herself with 10 illegitimate puppies who must go."

Uhmm, isn't it now advertised?

Will we ever have to pay $21.8 per gallon of gas?


  1. I love these little faux pas! Great eye for catching them...LOL!

  2. Creative, thoughtful, and funny post!

  3. LMAO - hysterical fun post. Glad I bopped over here tonight!

  4. girl I like the part when they moved your app. to 12:30 when they're supposed to be open back up at 1pm smmhhh!!


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