Monday, November 10, 2008

ain't parenting fun?

There comes a time in midst of cooking, cleaning, laundry, and planning, when a parent may want to scream. For all you do, you feel unappreciated when you discover that your kids have not completed the simple instructions you give them.

Don't bother other kids stuff
Don't ride your bikes in the muddy clay
Fix your bed when you get up
Keep your (shared) bathroom clean
Empty the trash in your rooms
Clear your toys when you're done
Don't ride your bikes up to the door
Get out of bed when your alarm goes off

When confronted with disobeying the rules, all you hear is 'OH, I Forgot'...

I felt the urge to yell and scream several times this past weekend, but chose other options that kept my blood pressure at its normal 120/70.

The progression of consequences for their actions was:

Ride your bike only in street or sidewalks
Stay off bike, since you can control it
Unplugged TV
Stay in the yard

Stay off bike, since you can't remember
Unplugged TV
Stay in the yard

If they continue, it will be
No visitors
Stay in house

So parents, there are many ways to encourage, influence, manipulate, and persuade, your kids without blowing a gasket.

Son was up, dressed, and fixing his breakfast within 15 minutes of his alarm sounding.

It's so nice being a parent.


  1. It is fun. But the best is yet to come!!! It gets even better as the children transition from bikes to automobiles. And even better as the children think of themselves as the parents and parents as the children. A whole lot of fun! Enjoy it, I have!

  2. I thought my kids would drive me crazy yesterday. I have noticed that as they grow older, appreciation increases from both sides. This post really hits home!

  3. Son-

    Be in before the streetlights come on....
    (why he can't get this i don't know, i didn't say be in when the streetlights come on, smh)

    Me - if you can't be in before the streetlights come on, then you can't go out at all.

    Son - okay

    Me - Clean your room
    - wash your clothes
    - take the garbage out

    Son - I am
    - I am
    - I am

    (later, no clean room, clothes unwashed and garbage still around)

    Me - (repeat of above) with "I thought i told you....

    Son - I forgot!

    Yep, parenting is something else!

  4. I rather like screaming at them from time to shakes things up...LOL!

    My favorite:

    Don't you see that thing on the floor...I mean you walked over it a million times...pick it up!

    any one of them:
    Oh I didn't see it.

    Being a mom is the greatest joy of my life.

  5. The thing I hate is when something needs to be clean...the kids will only do what they like when it is time to clean the living daughter will go in there and pick up her things...and leave the rest. Then tell me that she cleaned it. I said girl what is this mess...she says well all dats not mines...mines? What kind of talk is is

    oh I was getting into the parenting for real..

  6. This is a great alternative to, "give me that extension cord!" The 70s and 80s stung. :) Nice post.

  7. Revvy Rev
    It gets more interesting everyday

    Avid Writer
    I can see growth in them everyday

    We have to stick to our rules or they will overrule

    OH, I have screamed a time or two

    Hard to get the kid to clean his own room, forget about common areas

    Stephen Bess said...
    Ooh, you went old school on that one. Now that I have moved (with no trees or bushes), I don't have the threat of the switch bush (same one my mom used on us)

    Torrance Stephens
    ain't nothing better, but still is a trip


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