Thursday, November 6, 2008

four pregnancies in three years?

Age 16, pregnant, but "claimed" it was false positive
Age 17, pregnant, but "claimed" miscarriage
Age 18, pregnant, but "claimed" stillborn (possible hoax)
Age 19, pregnant, allegedly

How can we get through to our young women that this is not good?
The ramifications on their health, mental and physical, can be tremendous and irreversable.

It's hard to teach prevention when they are not in your home and under your care. Surrounding influences is master.


  1. I have no idea when I cant even get into the girls heads in my own family... my 18 yo cousin had a baby in december last year... do you know this chick is pregnant again... by the same stupid baby daddy that aint doing nothing and now she is all depressed because he's not claiming the new baby...

    She's such a bright girl it hurts me that she got dickmotized her senior year in HS and threw her life away... but this chick you talking about here... this is just a disgrace

  2. "How can we get through to our young women that this is not good?" 'tis not them rather 'tis the parents that need to be thot.

    Rightly, 'thas been said; "charity begins at home"

  3. Eb the Celeb
    "dickmotized" gotta remember that when talking to niece, she's 11

    Unfortunately, parents can only go so far, a child has to take some responsibility

    Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T
    To you, I say, continue to teach and protect your daughter


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