Wednesday, November 5, 2008

next steps to a better country for all

Now that we have a new president-elect, there are two things that we must do:

1) Remember our Nov. 5th etiquette

2) Don't let this happen

I will do my best for both...


  1. What we must do is enjoy this moment. And then roll up sleeves and get to work!

  2. Forget the Nov. 5th ettiquette... this has been a long time in the making... besdies, I've already violated. LOL...

    btw this is my first time here.

  3. Lovebabz
    what i feel now is not much different from yesterday. I am glad Obama had the opportunity to run for president, I am glad that he achieved his goal.
    Forgive me for not celebrating for my household has not changed in 24 hours. Food costs are still high and I have to find creative ways to keep household fed. our vehicles consume 3 tanks of gas week, albeit each tank is under $35, still it's about $100 each week. Hubby's job is going through some recontruction and we may to make some quick decisions. I do not know the stability of my job and to top it off, the new "issue" I told you the other day.
    With these issues looming, I prefer to focus on preparation rather than celebration.

    Shanita Waters
    many have and welcome

  4. Amen to all...yes, food is still high, gas is killing me, but I couldn't stop crying...we worked so hard...I'm not putting him on a pedestal but you know what? they ruined this country and hopefully things can change...I will accept a small change...
    yes, we need to roll up our sleeves and work, which we've been doing all these years, but maybe now, with a leader who understands hard work and struggle, we can actually progress...

  5. professor
    oh, i pray so cause this is getting old

  6. I am with Shanita....I have already violated like 50 of the items....huh....ok well maybe not that many...but about 5...or 6 (blinking)


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