Sunday, December 14, 2008

Condom on Mall staircase

I know I wrote about prevention, but this is not quite what I expected. It has been said that you have to be careful what you asked for.

My son and I were perusing the Macon Mall last night in search of warm clothes for his ride today on a float in a Christmas Parade. Normally I would have parked at Sears, went in, made my purchases and left. I am not a "walk all over the mall shopping" type of person anymore, especially with a kid in tow who asks for every Batman, Transformers, and Star Wars toy he sees. But since Dad was at work and niece at a sleepover, it was excellent oppportunity for mom and son time. He hasn't had much of that in a long time.

I did park near Sears expecting it would be where I would make my purchases. We walked from that end to the other visiting several clothing stores. Noticing the Steve & Barry Going Out of Business sale and many other shops that have closed since my last visit was the first disturbing revelation. As we approached Dillard's became aware that store was closing also for it had already opened a new store across town. The upper floor in the two-story mall had been sealed closed. Only the lower floor allowed entrance. Having no nearby escalator, the 6-ft wide staircase was the only option to descend to the lower level. At approximately the 6th step down, I almost stepped on the item pictured above. Thankfully son was to my right using the banister. Coincidentally, son was concerned with a painful substance that suddenly appeared in this shoe. He did not notice I had stopped to take the picture.

What puzzles the mind is where did this encounter occur and how did the paraphernalia get discarded in the middle of a staircase in the middle of the mall, appearing to be freshly used?


  1. woooow, at a mall out of all places? come on now ppl!!
    we understand it's a jolly season and everyone should be happy and love one another but do ya business privately now!! lol
    but that was a nice blog sista!!

  2. ok what was in the sons shoes...ewww.

    you are a blog addict, cos you take pics of everything to blog about, well me too (^_-)

  3. Necla


    a pebble or something
    sshhh! this blog is a way to clear out the random thoughts in my mind. it's weird what interests me.


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