Saturday, December 6, 2008

Giving Thanks for Blessings and Awards, Part 3

I have been working on this three-part post for almost two weeks. Having put in 12 hours OT last week, hosting family and friends for the holiday, and then finally taking some recommended rest, did not leave much time for blogging and twittering.

It was great having everyone here. My Mom was estatic she had her mom, all her sisters, her children and grandchildren under one roof. My older brother and a friend flew into the ATL and drove down here. My younger brother and his family made a day-trip from the ATL. Grandma and aunts drove in from Savannah, GA and the rest were from this area. We had 18 in all out of the expected 19. There could have been at least 10 more from Savannah, but they were not able to come.

It was a long tiresome day, but a true blessing that we all could share it on the first Thanksgiving in my new home.

Here a few pics of the fixings...


  1. Dang, Sista! Tiy;re making me HUNGRY!!! LOL

  2. You're. I meant "you're" (smile)

  3. Can you fed ex me a player

  4. Marvin D. Wilson
    LOL, Sorry

    Eb the Celeb
    Sure, what's the address


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