Thursday, December 4, 2008

Giving Thanks for Blessings and Awards, Part 1

Even though I do it all year, it's great to dedicate a special time to give thanks to the Lord for all the Blessings in your life. That is what this holiday is for me. Giving sincere thought and thanks for that I have been blessed within the previous year.

A few highlights...
After being on my own for 10 years and having to go back and live at Mom's (heavenly thankful) for 5 years, we were blessed to be in our own home again.

Both hubby and I have recovered well with the diverse medical procedures we had in the past few months.

At school, son is finally being successful in conduct along with his usual academics.

We are blessed with the opportunity to help my niece live in a stable productive enviromnent.

My mom (in her sixties) is well as usual. Since we moved out in May, she has painted the walls and refinished the hardwood floor in room hubby and I stayed, refinished an antique bed and dresser for that room, painted ceiling and wallpapered the bathroom my family used, and now just finished painting the ceiling and hallway leading to our rooms. Great Role Model.

A few weeks ago, became a (step) grandmother to a beautiful baby girl. (pics later)

There are many more, but these were just a few.


  1. Yes there is so much to be thankful for. When I THINK - of His goodness and all He's done for me, my soul cries out...

    There is yet more that awaits Sista GP!

  2. I am happy for your blessings!
    we all are blessed in some type of way..our health, family and friends that loves us no matter what, our jobs, just anything that puts a smile on our face-even our mistakes are a blessing because without them we wouldn't know what to learn or where to go.
    Good luck in your future planing!


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