Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goal: Maiden Voyage

Inspired by, I've started this blog to track and document my goals. This is more to me than just New Year Resolutions; this is a transition of lifestyle.

You are welcome to follow along with me. I know I will need your encouragement through this journey.

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Romantic Spiritual Extrovert.
0% of the 13653 people who have taken this quiz are like me. Go Figure!

Here are the initial goals
Hair: transition hair from relaxed to natural
Book1: get Book 1 published
Book2: complete draft of Book 2
Story1: complete draft of Short Story 1
IntApp1: deploy internet application 1
IntApp2: deploy internet application 2
GetFit: Complete goal of getting fit by age 40
Move: Complete unpacking in bedroom and garage
Windows: Purchase or make window treatments for dining room, office, and guest room
Office: Unpack and organize office
SonRoom: Decorate son's bedroom
DiningSet: Get a new dining room set
FamilyRoom: Get new seating furniture for family room
Master: Get new bed in master bedroom
HubbyRoom: Add addition to house for Hubby's space


  1. You know Sister Cuz I am cheering you on!

    You will do just fine! You will have to add more will knock these out in no time :)

    I am inspired!

    I am glad you're doing this cause girl it is always a good thing for someone to try to achieve their goals!
    You can do this and you will lol

  3. ok...I broke some already.... (according to your list), but nice goals

  4. Lovebabz
    LOL! I know I will have to add more as journey continues; it will be and exciting ride.
    Thanks for you support.

    Thank you. I am a great procrastinator if there is no deadline. I need to set some for a few of the smaller tasks.

    But the new year just started, LOL


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