Monday, January 5, 2009

Goal: No Heat is Good

Goal: Hair

In my research so far, it has been consistent that no direct heat is to be applied to my hair during this transition time. For someone who keeps her hot curling iron always handy to "bump" her ends, this will be a major hurdle. I have not discarded it, but at least it is out of sight with the flat iron and crimp tool.

Other critical steps in this process are to moisterize and condition regularly. I am taking notes on recommended products and have consulted my beautician, haven't heard back from her though. In the meantime I am using my current conditioners.

I'll try to add pics of my hair throughout this transition. It'll be cool to see how many times I change my mind.


  1. congrats on making this journey. it can be very frustrating, so get your mind ready for that. you can do it, just don't give up.

    a good way to transition is with braids (or twists). something VERY low maintenance so that you don't feel like you've got to "do" your hair everyday. consider a "protective style" (i.e. braids, requiring low maintenance) until your natural hair grows out more (if you haven't cut off your relaxed hair...i didn't. i let mine grow out over time).

    as far as conditioners. most of the ones you own are probably good enough. you don't need a "special" conditioner just because you're natural, you just need something that will keep your hair full of moisture.

    check out, and MotownGirl (don't know the site. google it). those are good resources. and yes...YouTube has TONS of stuff. styles/product reviews/etc.

    good luck!

  2. the prisoner's wife
    thanks for the info. so far I have purchased some African Shea Butter. claims it's 100%.


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