Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goal: Not much in the last week

I have worked on a few goals in the past few days. This process is easier said than done.

I cheated a little. Had cheese on my homemade hambugers this week and had a few sips of Kool-Aid a few times to pass the urge. I have avoided full glasses of the sugar-loaded refreshment, though.

Cleared two wardrobe boxes out of the garage. Found several winter coats that will be handy this week. Thankfully was able to donate two large trash bags full of clothing, including coats and jackets, to the Macon Rescue Mission. They should be able to make use of them or put them up for sale.

Surviving the urge to get a relaxer touchup. The six-week relaxer touchup is supposed to be today. I expected to hear from my "beautician" with information on what to do during this transition to natural, but have not. Wonder what that means...

In all, I am moving on with these goals and that this blog keeps me accountable.

BTW, my builder has filed bankruptcy so I am scrambling to get all my documentation together to try to get any available funds to finish the outstanding issues with the house. Lovely.


  1. that sucks about the builder, but it's good you're getting all your info in order.

    the food thing. how about just switching to lower cal versions of the stuff you love. low fat or fat free cheeses & Crystal Light drink mix instead of Kool-Aid? you won't feel like you NEED to go to the comfort stuff as much.

  2. you know what would help or may help since everyone is different-have one splurge day (have it all, all the grease and calories..eat whatever whenever you want) but ONE DAY out of the week that way you don't have to feel like you're missing on alot. I don't need to lose weight but I want to stay fit and start eating healthy, I need to work on a few things myself (we all do believe me), but I have one day out of the week to pig out lol. That's what I do..my splurge day is saturday and after that I eat well and work-out and do the jog thing-helpful.
    good luck!


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