Monday, January 19, 2009

Goal: organization

Just a quick note on progress. It is being quickly discovered that there is lack of organization in this household and it is my fault. I have allowed myself to be loaded with tasks because I tend to want things done a certain way. So the best way to get it done was to do it myself. That is changing.
This weekend I have been working with son on keeping his room organized. Developing specific locations for all items. We're not done yet, but progress is being made. Since he loves reading, I plan to dedicate reading time AFTER room cleaning time. Hopes this encourages actions to clean as you go. As with my niece, there is still some skills to be achieved as a young lady that I would like accomplished before (if?) she returns to her previous caretaker. It's a daily battle.

Regarding goals:
Windows, SonRoom: I did put up blackout panels in son's room for heat conservation and rearranged furniture around the walls to open play space in center. Haven't found reasonably priced Transformers comforter and curtains set yet, so the blackout panels will suffice for now. At least the paper shades are gone.
Purchased rods, ring clips, and blackout panels for niece's room but not put them up yet. Could probably handle the rod installation for the 6ft double window on my own, but the second rod for the palladian window above it, will require some grownup assistance.
Need to kick-start my GetFit goal, been mainly stagnant. I have been invited to a 40th B-Day party in three weeks. Would like to have some improvement by then. Next task for this goal is dedicated routine workouts on HealthRider and TotalGym.

A good thing about turning 40 late in the year, many of your friends turn 40 before you.


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