Monday, January 5, 2009

Off the hook in 2009 (follow-up)

Thanks for the great comments the original post.

Here is my new plan that has organization, rewards and penalties.

Each child will receive a list of daily/weekly chores. For each week, the child could earn up to a specific maximum amount. For any chore that was not completed, a set amount would be deducted from the maximum potential amount. The net earned income would then be paid.
Each week the shared chores would be swapped with the other child.

Sample shared chores:
Kitchen duty (tables/floor/garbage)
Bathroom duty (cleaning/tidying)
Laundry duty (folding/put away)
1st Bath duty (yes, they argue over who's last)

Sample individual chores:
Bedroom floors clear at bedtime and before school
Beds made each morning
Be home before streetlights fully lit
Clear yard of toys/games each day

This may actually work. The other day, son (age 7) griped when I told him to fold the cleaned laundry. He perked when I told him that I would pay him. He seemed cool about the idea of swapping duties each week. Niece, age 11, doesn't know about this yet. She's been at a weekend sleep-over.

Hope this works...


  1. Sounds good. Keep us posted as it is implemented.

  2. Sounds like a good plan. Reward systems are always better than fear of punishment systems. And you've built in the ability to "lose" points and thus rewards through lack of responsibility. Wife and I implemented a similar system during child-rearing years and it worked wonders. Best of luck with this.

  3. Revvy Rev
    Will do. They seem cordial to the plan.

    Marvin D. Wilson
    The down-side to this is these kids may wipe out MY play money. But if it gives me peace of mind, it should be worth it.

  4. that's right make them work!! lol j/k
    but girl I don't have kids but I can tell it's gonna be hard lol.
    But I love how you got everything planned out for the year already and that's always a good thing-GOOD LUCK MY ATL SIS!

  5. P_LOCA
    Oh, they will work. Only way I'll have time to reach my other goals.


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