Friday, January 30, 2009

Momma, he (Blagojevich) lying!

In an effort to expose my kids to the political events of the nation, we listen to C-SPAN Radio on XM in our daily commute. I never know how much they retain since they sometimes sleep in our half-hour travels. Nonetheless, I have continued this routine, at least I can listen in peace.

At dinner earlier this week, my niece (age 11) recalled the Washington Journal show where the topic was the Ecomonic Stimulus package and whether people were for or against it. She wanted to discuss a caller who claimed he had to wait three weeks for an unemployment check. Along with Hubby, we explained the call. It was great that she was actually listening and wanted to discuss it further.

On the way to my mom's house yesterday afternoon, we listened to the impeachment proceedings from the Illinois state congress, I explained to them the purpose of the event. Explaining the role of the governor and the charges against Rod Blagojevich, they seemed interested, especially my son (age 7). He said no more of it as we were later heading home hours later. After listening to the Governor's speech for a few minutes, my son says out loud, 'Momma, he's lying.' This comes from the same kid who claims a classmate lies better than he does. I had to smile as I asked him why he thought so. To my surprise, he repeated many of the statements we just heard and said they were not true. Then he asked me, 'Momma, is what he said true?' All I could say was, 'I don't know yet, I'll have to research first.' We continued to listen for the rest of the ride home.


  1. Sista GP,

    Since I grew up in Chicago I can say without hesitation that:
    1. If "it sounds like a lie" it's a lie and by default they are a liar.
    2. If "it's denied by someone recorded on FBI wiretap" denying it will not cancel out the truth and by default they are a habitual liar.
    3. If "politician says, 'I want to clear my name', by hiding the truth" they need to be barred from ever holding a political position because by default they are a shameless liar.

    The memory of Blagojevich will remain in our collective consciousness because a public lie will be referred to as "Blagojevich". e.g., He suffered the indignity of public humiliation after telling a Blagojevich.


  2. I think exposing the kids to current events is great! It keeps them asking the right questions.

  3. Cool, I'm glad that the kids are listening but why politics? It's so sleazy! Instead let em listen to real jazz. Coltrane! 8-)
    Bootzilla! 8-) All the Great Classical music. Peabo, Teddy P, Al Green

    You know I dig your blog!
    See ya later

  4. I think it's great you and your husband educate your young children on the ways of politics and the world. Kids can grasp so much more than we think if we as adults don't "talk down" to them.

  5. underOvr (aka The U)
    The downside to the new public lie name is the pronounciation is hard to say. Funny though

    I didn't realize that they were paying any attention. I will keep it up.

    Mista Jaycee
    Thanks. They get plenty of variety of music in the house. We vary from Beethovan to Kool Mo D to Luther Vandross to Miles Davis to RJ Latest Arrival

    Marvin D. Wilson
    Son is such a sponge, I love challenging him. Niece is coming around.

  6. ummm,you never know who, what, or when to believe...

    how are you sis??

  7. Now you know you're falling short somewhere when the youngsters start calling you out. lol


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