Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is my car jinxed? or is this pride payback?

This is not the post I planned for this weekend, so my "friend" who is expecting it, I'll write it soon. Hubby is consulting on it too.

Seems like this car has had the worst of luck. Originally purchased by my brother in '04, this '05 Accord was in a fender-bender in the ATL where the fault could not be determined. In this incident there was minor scrapes and scratches on the RIGHT FRONT FENDER. It was never repaired. When my brother was moving to NY, he sold the car to me in '07, at an excellent price I say (thanks bro). Parking is too costly up there.

Mother's Day '08, tornadic storms ripped through Central GA causing a utility pole to snap in my mother's yard and brought down wires and an ornamental tree onto this car. Since my insurance covers castrophic events damage, the adjusters agreed to paint the entire car for all the minor damage from flying debris, scratches from the cable wire from the left crossing the hood to the RIGHT FRONT side and the scratches and dents from tree fall in the back RIGHT side. I did not have the repairs done then because I wanted to have the front fender work done at the same time. Since we were in the midst of closing on house, the funds were not available.
Month after month I delayed having the repairs done because I wanted to be able to park the car in the garage when the work was complete. We hadn't completely cleared it from the move.

December '08, two days before Christmas, son and I were on the way home. Being aware of deer in this particular area, I was driving more cautiously. What seemed like seconds stretched into minutes, a deer hopped out of the woods to my left, crossed in front of my car. Seeing it, I slowed but not quick enough. I hit its tail end with the RIGHT FRONT FENDER on the car, dramatically intensifying the existing damage.

At the end of last month, hubby encouraged that we get the car repaired while he is on night shift. We can save on car rental costs by me driving his car during the day. The work started Feb 2nd and was finished on Feb 18th. Earlier this week I took the car back to the collision center because a piece of trim on the hood came loose and won't snap back in place. I am still waiting to hear back from them on that matter.

This morning Feb 28th, in a effort to combine trips, hubby, son and I left to run errands together using my car. Albeit it is the car that just had a complete body paint job with a replaced hood and FRONT RIGHT fender. Normally I would have gone by myself to get groceries, but because of expected weather tomorrow, I suggested we get the small propane tanks, for fireplace, filled in case of ice-downed power lines. Our house is total electric. Since Ace Hardware is next to the Ingles grocery store, we all went together.
Hubby dropped me off at the grocery store and then continued on to the hardware store. Before I completely retrieved the items on my list, hubby and son arrived with the news. While turning out of a gated area to get to the propane filling area, he hit one of those yellow painted steel posts that are used to protect areas from cars. As you can see from the pictures above, they worked.

Is the FRONT RIGHT FENDER of my car is jinxed?
Is this karma for not having to pay for the original damage to the car?

Now I wonder because Monday, hubby starts back on day shift we now have to pay a portion of the rental car fee and there will be payment for the insurance deductible.

What do you think, Karma or just bad luck?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What makes a life Grand?

I am not one who takes Blog Awards lightly. Each are special in their own unique way. underOvr (aka The U) has bestowed upon me the Life Is Grand Award and I am most grateful.
There are two requirements to this award: specify five ways why your life is grand and pass it on to five other bloggers. I have been led to approach my acceptance differently than I have done in the past.

As my brain cells squirmed with thoughts for this post, I began to take a look at my daily life. I asked myself, "What makes my life Grand?" In a time when I worry about employment stability because it's been less than a year in our home. Body tension erupts resulting from receiving a letter from my child's school informing me he has been suspended for "dishonest behavior". Then saddened that I'm not shocked because I have been dealing with that same behavior at home. My heart aches every time I realize that my niece has failed to receive some basic knowledge she should have had long ago. Failed by parents, relatives, AND educators as we all are responsible. As I dread paying the $300 electricity bill and make financial arrangements for medical expenses for procedures completed months ago, financial woes overcome me. As family and friends confide their woes to me, I've missed opportunities to do something I've planned.

There may be some who may think that a life with these concerns cannot be Grand, but it is because of these concerns my life IS. Monetary wealth is just a means to a way of physical life; just an aspect of this world. There is hope as my child had already confessed his wrongdoings a day before the letter was sent from the school. It is remarkable at the progress in my niece's life physically, emotionally, and academically in the four months she had been living with us. Thankful that this last medical bill arrived JUST AFTER the payoffs were sent for all of the previous outstanding ones. Humbled to know we all can rest comfortably warm during the many frigid nights this winter. It is an honor to know that some have trusted their confidence in me and to know the advice I speak is not my own; it was being delivered through me.

What all this comes to is my faith. My faith to believe life is not "half-empty" or "half-full", but filled to the rim. There are so many blessings in life, the cup "runeth over", all we need to do "seek and they shall be found".

My Life Is Grand, because my life is Blessed.

Here is the part where I am supposed to pass on this award to five other bloggers. Normally, I would review the blogs I follow to locate the ones that most affect me in the manner of the award and then select. In this case I am led to nominate "bloggers" of a different sort. They are the ultimate communicators. The most encouraging of mentors of living a grandious life. They have been the most effective in my life. I nominate:
  • God
  • Lord
  • Father
  • Son
  • Holy Spirit

No explanation necessary.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do you see what I see? UPDATED

Do you see an image in the tile? Hubby couldn't see it.

Not to influence you, I'll say what I see in comments later.

UPDATE: Better yet, I've outlined what I saw (the head and neck) and included what tacosteven saw (hand, cane, and top hat). Take note: I've never claimed that I can draw.

Goal: Baby got skills

In a hurried effort to clear out garage to get my newly painted car protected from the ailments. Hubby, kids, and I spent the day in the garage. Using the circular saw and sawhorses borrowed from my mother, we cut up strips of plywood and hubby nailed them to the support beams in the attic. There was only enough daylight and strength left in us to do one side of planned storage space. Maybe the next weekend for the other half?

My job was to organize the storage items while hubby shoved them up the attic ladder. I am so thankful we did not attempt this project in the summer. It was hot enough up there.

It feels so great to knock an item off the list, well it's half-off the list. What did you accomplish this weekend?

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Ultimate First Aid Collection?

As I try to figure out how to add THE ULTIMATE APOLOGY PLAYLIST to this blog, here is something in the meantime. If you can give any assistance on adding a music player and songs, please let me know.

As the warm weather arrives early this year, says Gen. Beauregard Lee, the southern groundhog forecaster, I must take account of the contents of my first aid collection. Last summer, son received a new bike for his 7th birthday. I had no idea when we (Hubby and I) selected it that it was a stunt bike.
As you can see pictured, he had some difficulty adjusting to it but eventually he figured it out.

Now is the time to prepare and re-stock for the active year. So I ask, what is the ultimate first aid collection for an active 7-year old boy? He was constantly cleaning out my stash.

I have...
gauze tape
bandages (in so many shapes, brands, sizes)
rubbing alcohol
hydrogen peroxide
triple antibiotic ointment
hydrocortisone cream
burn/scrapes/bites,etc. ointment
insect repellent (with SPF 30 sunscreen)
ice packs
heat packs

Any suggestions?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Goal: a sense of accomplishment

A goal that was not directly documented was to paint this desk to put in my niece's bedroom in order to get my office back.

I had purchased the desk from the Salvation Army Thrift Store years ago while living at my mom's house. It was brown and unappealing but the correct size and had the hutch. When we moved, I left the desk at mom's since we already several desks (4) in storage. We donated two of them since there was no place for them at our new house.

My niece received a computer from a tutoring program, so then we needed a desk that would fit in her room. Hence the old brown desk mom had stored in her workshop.

Started in the previous bout of warm weather, I had put on one coat of primer. This morning I put on the second coat and two coats of Antique White paint. It came out better than I expected. As you can see, we brought i in after it sat for several hours in the gorgeous sun we had today. I haven't checked the weather, but felt at least mid 70's.

Now I have my office desk back, but there are more than plenty of boxes to clear.

Finally, something to cross off the list.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Signs, pics and time

How much smaller was the previous 10 pounder?

So why was the appointment moved to 12:30?

Pic a little fuzzy but if I found a handgun at a recycling center, I would think someone wanted it to disappear.

Again fuzzy, "FREE BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES Mother is a full-blooded golden retriever known to be giving herself to the likes of other dogs around town. Now she has found herself with 10 illegitimate puppies who must go."

Uhmm, isn't it now advertised?

Will we ever have to pay $21.8 per gallon of gas?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Coincidence my …

I haven’t had a good rant in a while, so maybe I’m due. It is unfair that personnel at auto service centers feel they can prey on the public, or at least those who may not be aware of what they are doing. It is awful that you used to be able to get an oil change for $9.95 and now it costs you $40. We take our vehicles to these service centers that supposed to be trained in maintenance of your vehicle. It is more like they are trained at trying to rip folks off.

Look, I just asked for an oil change. Why do you have to keep recommending these services that I do not need and just happen to be able to quote the price without researching? I made it a point to mention that I am married and this is his car. That should have been enough warning to not to try to push me into agreeing to some service that was not needed. I already said NO to have the radiator flushed. But NO, you had to take it to another level to get additional money out of me. Why until I return back to work, the Oil Light comes on in the dash. Flickers when moving, steady when stopped.

I’m glad this place was just across the street from my job; I turned around and went back.

Why you look dumfounded? OK, you show me the oil level is appropriate. OK, you tell me everything is dry underneath and there are no signs of a leak. Still the light is on and it was not on when I arrived 20 minutes ago.

Oh, so now my oil ascending unit just now goes bad AFTER you’ve been messing around down there. It’s no where near the filter? Yeah right! Keep looking…sure, I’ll show you again. I’ll just sit here and Twitter as long as you stare under the hood.

Now try again, sure…hmmm, it’s off now. A connector was loose? He just stuck it back in?...Yeah, it was loose so he JUST snapped it back in. Yeah right. No sucker here today.

Would have been nice to go to the previous guy for an oil change for $18, but every time you leave there another problem occurs. Are there any credible and honest mechanics out there? Please let me know.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goal: slower than expected

Getting through these goals is moving slower than I thought. By the end of January I wanted to at least clear the garage and the office.

The desk for my niece is half-primed. After the first coat, the weather turned sour. This weekend would have been perfect weather-wise, but I wasn't feeling well yesterday and today I cleaned out my car and dropped it off to be painted. Expect to have it back in three to four weeks. If you are new to my other blog, my car was initially damaged on Mother's Day last year and then two days before Thanksgiving I hit a deer having minor damage to front bumper.

My goal to get fit is going in the opposite direction. Every since my surgery, I have been gaining weight. Not Good. Found my glycemic food guide book today. It should help me make better choices for my meals. Also took a walk around the neighborhood with the kits today. I plan to do walk everyday as weather permits. I know lack of sleep is a major contributor. I should be able to get more since hubby starts night shift tomorrow night. No more clock alarm sounding at 3:30 am.

At least I was able to get one curtain rod up in the Guest room and put up the blackout panels. Because of their size, I had to put all four on the bottom rod. Concerned about privacy for my niece, along with them I also put some curtains I had planned for another room. They are too heavy for the rod, so I have to change it soon. Niece has said the room is warmer, so it should also help reduce heating costs.

Learn how to drive drunk defensively

Ever wanted to know how to drive defensively while under the influence? Why not call us today?
We can teach you how to maneuver a vehicle correctly even when you are over the legal limit. Learn today how to avoid law enforcement.

You know this is satire right?


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